Yes, It’s Possible To Get More Insurance Referral Leads. Here’s How

Buying leads is a fantastic way to fill your sales funnel and close more deals every week. But how do you take one policy and transform it into several? Referrals.

Referral leads are the trickiest to get, but the most valuable kinds of leads there are. Since they come straight from a satisfied client, they are more likely to trust you. And that means it’s easier to make a sale.

Believe it not, it is possible to positively influence the number of referrals you receive. Here are nine ways you take one successful sale and turn into several more down the line.

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How To Maximize ROI During Open Enrollment

If selling health insurance were a sport, then the ACA (Affordable Care Act) open enrollment period would be the playoffs. It’s a make it or break it time for many agents. From November 1st through December 15th, the insurance market will be flooded with people who want to either switch plans, or acquire a new policy. How you prepare for this crucial period will directly impact your immediate income, and possibly even your career.

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Use This Active Listening Process For Better Insurance Sales

If you’ve ever taken an acting class, you might’ve heard of the old tip, “Acting is reacting.” What makes a performance believable and engaging isn’t how an actor emotes or delivers their lines. It’s how actors react to each other. If one actor yells, another might react by appearing anxious. If one actor smiles, the other might react by smiling back.

This back and forth makes plays and movies appear genuine because it proves that there’s a connection between the performers — they’re really listening.

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How To Build Your Welcome Kit For New Insurance Clients

You aren’t done making a good impression after your prospect signs on the dotted line. In fact, the wooing has only begun.

Now that they’ve purchased a policy, it’s time to make them feel like they’re part of the family. And the best way to do that is with a welcome kit. This is simply a collection of essential documents, important information, and a few small gifts that help your relationship start on the right foot. It’s a tiny gesture that makes a big impression.

Not sure what to include? These nine items are a good place to start.

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How Pirate Metrics Can Help You Grow Your Insurance Agency Like A Startup

Are you ready to take the growth of your insurance agency seriously? While most agencies grow at a fairly modest rate, a select few “high-growth” agencies can accomplish in a single year what other agencies require years to do.

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Why Introverts Can Crush It In Sales (Infographic)

Myths die hard. This is particularly true in sales, where everyone is slow to change old ways of thinking about success. One of the most persistent myths is that all salespeople are super high energy extroverts who could talk to dozens of people for hours and never get tired. But that’s simply not true. Even people whose Saturday night plans consist of going for a solitary jog and reading a few chapters in a book can reel in new accounts with the best of them. In truth, some introverted characteristics, like careful attention to speech and self-reflection might actually give introverts an edge on the sales floor.

For more details, check out this infographic on “selling while shy” by It provides some good reasons why introverts should consider a career in sales.

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All Insurance Agents Needs To Know These 5 Medicare And Medigap Facts

You’re ready to enter the rapidly ballooning Medicare supplement market. Those benefits are too strong to ignore. You’ll sell more policies, and you’ll help retirees get the coverage they need in their golden years to boot.

But there’s one Rock-of-Gibraltar-sized obstacle that will prevent you building your book as much as possible: the complexity of Medicare.

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The Power of Follow-up – How to Set Up an Effective Cold Email Sequence

This is a guest post by Cathy Patalas – Marketing Manager at helping B2B companies directly contact prospective clients via personalized sales emails & follow-ups sent automatically. Cathy writes about cold emailing and prospecting at

Do you have a cold email sequence? Or maybe you’re among the 70 percent of salespeople sending no more than one message in your cold outreach? Here’s why you should always follow up after your first touch email, and how to discover the line between the “pleasantly persistent” and annoying. How many follow-ups to send? What should they look like? When to send them, and how to do that efficiently?

Find answers to those questions and your response rates will triple.

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7 Inspiring Sales Call Videos That Will Show You How Deals Are Really Closed

Have you ever heard of “Let’s Play” videos? You can be forgiven if you haven’t. They were actually introduced to me last weekend by my 10-year-old daughter. The premise is simple: someone records themselves playing through a popular video game and comments throughout it. These videos can be several hours long and rely mostly on the personality and humor of the person playing game. They’re massively popular on Youtube.

My daughter showed me one of her favorites, which is a popular Youtube personality playing the Lego Harry Potter video game. Besides making me consider cracking down on how much time she spends watching videos online, it also made me think of one of my favorite Youtube uses: watching salespeople in action.

It’s inspiring to see real pros work their magic in real sales situations. It’s a rare peek behind the curtain. I’m not one to judge, but I think “Let’s Sell” should at least as popular as “Let’s Play” videos. I think they’re just as entertaining — and the stakes are always higher.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out the videos of live sales visits, demonstrations and calls below. They each contain a nugget of sales wisdom.

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