Announcing the NextGen Leads Partner Network

A little over a year ago, we launched the NextGen Leads Exchange, which allowed our customers to buy leads from a wide range of sources in addition to the high quality leads we generate internally. While this was an important step in our evolution, the product had a few shortcomings and adoption was therefore modest. We listened to customer feedback, went back to the drawing board, and today I am very pleased to announce the launch of the successor to the Exchange (may it rest in peace), the NextGen Leads Partner Network.

What is the Partner Network?

NextGen has partnered with many of the highest quality lead publishers in the industry, and our customers can now buy leads from these partners via our industry leading Buyer Dashboard. That’s basically what the retired Exchange did, but with the Partner Network we’ve made some crucial improvements that make this product much more compelling than the Exchange.

First and foremost, we’ve greatly improved our lead quality controls and filtering capabilities. Customers can now identify specific sources that are performing poorly and easily block them. We have also improved quality monitoring at a network level, allowing us to increase volume on the best sources and quickly remove low performers.

The other big change is that customers now have the option to blend internally generated NextGen leads and Partner leads, and when they choose this option we offer a significant price discount on both types of leads. The upshot for our customers is that they now have access to a greater volume of leads at a lower price, which means lower CPAs and higher profits.

With that said, we’ve also listened to feedback from customers who say they only want our Internal leads, and so you can still run Internal lead campaigns exactly as you could before. While we strongly encourage you to try the Partner Network, opting in is completely optional.

How do I try it?

Very easily. Just create a new campaign or edit an existing Data Lead campaign, and scroll down to the “Partner Network” section. Check the box to opt into the Partner Network and hit save. That’s it! Your campaign will now bid on both Internal and Partner leads at a reduced minimum bid. Talk to your Account Manager about passing Source IDs to your dialer or CRM, so that they can help you optimize the campaign to your target CPA. Campaigns opted into the Partner Network have the potential to generate significantly more volume at a lower Cost Per Sale than campaigns that only bid on Internal leads.

We are very excited about this launch, and we hope you are too! To start using the Partner Network, contact your Account Manager or sign up for an account today.

– Chris Kelly, CEO