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Health Insurance Leads That Convert

Fill your sales pipeline with qualified health insurance leads and grow your book of business.

With all the changes to health insurance in recent years, more people than ever are shopping for health insurance online and looking for experienced agents to answer their questions and help them find the best plan. NextGen generates thousands of health insurance leads per day in every state, and from all types of consumers. We have leads looking to buy major medical health insurance, short-term plans, on or off exchange, with our without subsidies, and with or without Qualifying Life Events. Our powerful filters and buyer dashboard make it easy to target the exact health insurance leads you want.

Lead Types Available:


Shared Leads

As low as $3.00/lead

Exclusive Leads

As low as $8.00/lead

Live Transfers

$35.00 per lead

Lead Filters Include:

  • State / zip code
  • Time of day
  • Age
  • Medical conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Household size
  • Income

Spend less time prospecting health leads and more time closing deals.

Our leads are the end result of highly sophisticated optimization techniques.

Leads for Every Strategy

With three choices for buying leads, we’ll help you develop a winning strategy that works for you.


Shared Leads

starting at $3.00 per lead

With the highest volume, and lowest costs, our Shared Health Insurance Leads are perfect for call center agents and larger agencies.


Exclusive Leads

starting at $8.00 per lead

Exclusive leads are sold to a single agent, and therefore have a higher closing rate than shared leads. They work best for individual agents and small to mid-size agencies that want to keep their sales pipeline full of high-converting leads.


Live Transfers

starting at $35.00 per lead

Also known as Warm Transfers, these are leads that are on the phone looking to buy right now, and have confirmed they have time to speak to an agent. Filter on income and medical conditions to get the exact Live Transfers you want.


Take Control
Of Your Leads

The NextGen Buyer Dashboard is your health insurance lead command center.

  • Turn leads on or off any time with no restrictions
  • Use filters to target exactly the leads you want
  • Change bids and budgets any time
  • Edit your your schedule and lead delivery preferences
  • Monitor performance of your lead campaigns
  • Chat with your Account Manager

You always have complete control over your leads

Get the Most Health Insurance Leads for Your Budget

All leads are sold using our unique second-price auction model, which guarantees that you pay a fair price for every lead.

Here's How It Works

You set your maximum bid, which is the most you are willing to pay for a lead. But you rarely actually pay this price. Instead, you'll pay just over the second highest bid.

This system allows you to buy the most leads for your budget, while ensuring that you never overpay for a lead.


This system allows you to buy the most leads for your budget, while ensuring that you never overpay for a lead.

Get Help Every Step of the Way

After you create an account with NextGen Leads, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager.

Every Account Manager is a lead buying expert who can answer all of your questions, show you the best way to get the most from your marketing budget, and provide insights and advice on your lead campaigns.

A Better Experience

Lead Buying Without the Pain

Buying leads doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve eliminated all the annoying stuff.

  • No minimum orders
  • No calling customer support to make simple changes to your leads
  • No “exclusive” leads that aren’t actually exclusive
  • No worrying that you are overpaying for leads
  • No pause limits

I have had the pleasure of putting my whole team on NextGen Leads and they are all hitting their goals. The transition was very easy. It is worth every dime.

-Becky Romo

Divisional Manager, US Health Advisors

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