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The seismic shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy (especially solar power) is well underway, and promises to be one of the defining events of the 21st century. As the price of photovoltaic cells continues to plummet, more and more people are making the move to solar energy in an effort to reduce their energy bill and preserve the environment. Our extremely high quality solar leads will help you grow your solar panel installation business, and take advantage of this booming market. Don’t miss out.

Lead Types Available:

Shared Leads

$10.00 per lead

Exclusive Leads

$20.00 per lead


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High tech energy, high tech leads.

Solar Leads That Fit Your Business

Choose Between Shared, Exclusive and Appointment Leads

Shared Leads

starting at $10.00 per lead

Low cost, high volume Shared Solar Leads work best for installers with an inside sales office or call center.

Exclusive Leads

starting at $20.00 per lead

Exclusive Solar Leads close at a higher rate than Shared Leads because they are only sold to one customer. These are ideal for independent installers.


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With Appointment Leads, we do all the work to bring the customer right to you. Leads are prequalified in our San Diego office, and then a mutually convenient appointment is set for the installer and customer to meet over the phone or in person.


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Of Your Leads

The NextGen Buyer Dashboard is your solar lead command center.

  • Precision filters let you target only the leads you want
  • Edit your campaigns and turn them on or off with the push of a button 24/7
  • Choose when you want to receive leads and how you want them delivered to you
  • Track the performance of your campaigns with detailed reports
  • Your dedicated Account Manager is always available to help you maximize your return on investment

You always have complete control over your leads

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