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Andrenique Manson

Sales Associate

Andrenique Manson is a San Diego native who is a seasoned Sales Associate with a passion for helping others and committed t to delivering exceptional customer service. Her journey here at NextGen Leads has spanned over four years where she has honed abilities in understanding and meeting the diverse needs of clients. Outside of the professional realm, she finds joy in various activities. She is an avid reader, constantly exploring literature to broaden my perspective. Her greatest joy comes from spending quality time with family and cherishing moments that create lasting memories. Balancing a fulfilling personal life with professional endeavors is a testament to her commitment to holistic success.

At NextGen Leads, I've found more than just a workplace; I've discovered a culture that values trust, transparency, and mutual growth. Collaborating with trustworthy and transparent coworkers has been a cornerstone of my journey here.

Andrenique Manson

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