Why Nextgen

Technology that makes your life easier

Our industry leading Buyer Dashboard enables our customers to manage high-scale lead campaigns with minimal effort.

Detailed Insights Into All of Your Campaigns

The NextGen Leads Marketplace dashboard gives you a visual guide to the performance of your campaigns. Track your average cost-per-lead over time to easily optimize your spending and get the most out of your money.

Complete Control Over the Leads You Buy

The NextGen Leads Marketplace Dashboard allows for precision targeting of leads for every vertical. Only bid on the leads that matter to you.

Create Campaigns with Ease

Create new campaigns in three easy steps with our intuitive interface.

Create Effective Campaigns

Our integrated reach calculator gives you an accurate approximation of the amount of leads you can expect to bid on per day and gives high-level recommendations on how you can increase your target.

Manage Agent Sub-Accounts

Ask our sales team about creating a master account to oversee sub-accounts. Grant each sub-account user custom permissions, create campaign templates, and manage funds.

Start and Stop Campaigns with the Click of a Button

We don't tell you when you can start or stop your campaigns! We give you full control at the campaign level over when you buy without any minimum requirements.

Higher quality means higher closing rates

We know that lead quality is the most important consideration when choosing a lead provider, which is why we are fanatical about it.

NEW IN 2019

Premium Listings

With Premium Listings, you can show a customized full page ad to every lead you purchase. Listings include your name, company name, email, phone and personal biography. As an option, you can also upload your picture and company logo. Introducing yourself to prospective clients in this way significantly improves contact and closing rates, and is a must for any exclusive lead buyer.

Highest Quality Sources

All of our leads are generated by a seasoned team of lead generation experts. We focus on the highest converting traffic sources and optimize relentlessly to increase volume on high performers and cut low performers.

US-Based Call Center

Our Live Transfers are generated right here in San Diego, California, giving us unparalleled control over the quality and quantity of the calls we send to our customers.


We generate leads from interested parties using proven web marketing techniques. Then, we test those techniques over and over again to increase closing rates.

A superior customer experience

We really care about making our customers happy, and it shows.


  • You’re in control: No spend minimums, no pause limitations, and total control over your leads 24/7.
  • Honesty: All leads are sold in real time, exclusive means exclusive, and shared leads are never sold more than 4 times (and in most cases are sold only 2-3 times).
  • Fair Pricing: Bid with confidence! Our second price auction model ensures you never overpay for a single lead.
  • Dedicated Support: We provide US-based Account Managers for all of our customers.
  • Easy Integration: We don’t make you wait days or weeks to integrate your CRM or dialer. In most cases, we can have leads posting in under an hour.

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